Innovative Startup Studio The Giant Pixel Corporation today announced the debut of Nama, a new enterprise-class project management tool, designed for mobile, tablet and desktop use that will offer greater real-time insight and the ability to better manage, track and deliver improved results for key business or technical projects.

Built in response to the myriad shortcomings of existing project management solutions currently available on the market, Nama was designed by technical project experts who saw an opportunity to define a tool that would truly optimize the project and task management process, regardless of focus.

“Nama is not just a tool, but in fact the application is actually a manifestation of Giant Pixel’s philosophical approach to managing projects, be they technical or business-related,” said Giant Pixel co-Founder John Cwikla. “The power in Nama is that it provides teams with a fundamentally better way to communicate and collaborate around important project tasks. With Nama, prioritizations are transparent, for everyone on the project or in the company to see. And it’s this transparency and open collaboration that ensures tasks get completed on time while meeting collective expectations. Nama is all about executing in the most efficient way possible.”

With Nama, tasks are broken down and visualized into bite-sized pieces, letting team members assess each task complexity independently, enabling more accurate estimates related to task completion.

The project management process in Nama is also enhanced with the integration of real-time communication and contextual feedback, which is designed to minimize the impact from decision-making complexities typically created by the use of separate communications and feedback features.

Nama offers many distinct benefits over existing project management tools, including:
· Ease of Use ­ Developed for broader audiences, not only developers or software experts
· Better Visibility ­ Nama makes visible the tasks taken on by multiple departments
· Clear Deadlines ­ Otherwise ambiguous phone and email communications disappear
· Clear Priorities ­ Workflow is governed by business objectives, helping users better understand their priorities in the context of larger organizational goals
· Unified Platform ­ Communications and work are unified and centralized, streamlining the process
· Intuitive Alerts ­ Solving the issue and gap of stakeholders not knowing until it’s “too late”

Nama was purposely designed around “task traceability” offering project teams and other business stakeholders transparent insight into project prioritizations, task status and, most importantly, progress.

“Nama is John Cwikla’s Œno-surprises’ project management practice, embodied in software. It’s a real-world, pragmatic approach built on clarity and prioritization rather than elaborate workflows, commented Giant Pixel co-Founder Elliot Loh. “Based on our experience with Yammer, we saw the potential of adding real-time communications to keep teams collaborating and in sync. Nama is the logical next step for enterprise: every message is tied to a specific task or project. It’s a focused, open communications tool for getting stuff done.”
One of a growing portfolio of products to connect people to create value, Nama is the latest offering from startup studio Giant Pixel, which was founded to launch world-changing companies. Modeled on the collective experience and success of the builders of three billion-dollar companies, Giant Pixel is developing a portfolio of mobile startups, targeting opportunities in large transitional markets.

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