SD Times Live! Microwebinar Series — Continuous Testing 

Achieving continuous testing means shifting your testing left. That is a goal shared by every testing team in the industry, and this series will give you valuable insight and impactful tips for implementing a continuous testing approach into your testing strategy. Led by Perforce Vice President of Product Management Stephen Feloney and SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein, this series will explore facets of continuous testing such as service virtualization, test data, and CI/CD automation.

Featured speakers:

  • Stephen Feloney — Perforce Vice President of Product Management
  • David Rubinstein — SD Times Editor in Chief


Featured White Paper – State of Automated Testing 2024

Episode 1: Bridging Testing Gaps With Service Virtualization

Testing against unavailable or complex services can create bottlenecks in your CI/CD pipeline. Learn how to eliminate dependencies to test faster and more completely with service virtualization. You’ll see how to configure and integrate virtual services with your tests so they never have to be created and managed separately from the test.



Episode 2: Overcoming Test Data Challenges for Efficient Testing

Test data can be messy, but it is also the lifeblood of your tests. On top of that, your test data may contain sensitive information that requires privacy — adding an additional hurdle to overcome. This episode explores common test data challenges and how to address them to create more efficient tests.



Episode 3: Automating Your CI/CD in Testing: How It Works

Modernizing your testing strategy is crucial for staying afloat in the ever-competitive digital landscape. By automating your CI/CD in testing, you unlock the ability to test faster and more broadly. See how CI/CD test automation becomes an essential cog in a broader continuous testing strategy that will pay dividends.
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