The most popular password of 2013 was “123456,” unseating last year’s top password: “password.”

SplashData, a smartphone productivity and password-management application provider, compiled the “Worst Passwords of 2013” list from files containing millions of stolen passwords posted online in the past year. The company stated that this year’s list was influenced by the 38 million passwords released in the Adobe breach, accounting for passwords such as “adobe123” and “photoshop.”

(More on the Adobe breach: Financial data and Photoshop source code also compromised)

SplashData’s annual list is meant to encourage the adoption of stronger passwords. It recommends using passwords of eight or more characters in a random mix of letters, numbers and symbols. The software provider also discourages using the same username and password combination for multiple websites.

Read SplashData’s full list of the top 25 passwords of 2013 below:

Worst Passwords of 2013