You can lead. You can follow. Or you can get out of the way. The 2012 SD Times 100 represents a snapshot of the leaders of the software development industry during calendar year 2011. The 100 organizations selected by the editors have demonstrated that where they lead, competitors follow—or get out of the way.

The bets placed in the software development industry are huge. There are financial considerations, not only by these companies’ vendors, but also by third-party providers and customers.

Place your faith in a leader and you will be rewarded with profits and long-term advantages. But if your key vendors stumble, or if their innovations fail to cross the finish line, you will have squandered both capital and opportunity—and your competitors may reap the rewards.

Since 2003, the editors have chosen the SD Times 100. Over several months, we carefully review all the players in the industry. We whittle down the list to the top leaders and innovators, based on their achievements in the previous calendar year. We take into consideration each company’s offerings reputation and “buzz”—the attention and conversation we’ve heard around the company and its products and technologies. Many factors point to leadership within the software development industry.

Subjective? Yes. The SD Times 100 is not a survey of readers or analysts. It is a discussion. Your favorite tool provider may not be honored in this year’s SD Times 100. A company whose products gave you grief may appear on the list.

That’s what makes the SD Times 100 a horserace unlike any other. We have called our winners. You are invited to call yours. Join the conversation on Twitter with hashtag #SDT100. Hurry: The next race is about to begin.

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