SD Times 100 2017: You’ve Arrived

It takes something special, something unique, to make a mark in this world. Elegance (of code). Style (of programming). (End-to-end) Richness.

This year’s SD Times 100 honors those companies, consortia and projects that have put their stamps on the industry through innovation, leadership and — dare we say it – panache!

Some of the honorees are classics, like a fine timepiece. Others are just bursting onto the scene, from new designers, architects and engineers. One thing they have in common, though, is that their work is valued by others in the industry, vaulting them on to this coveted list. They are talked about, they are desired and they are respected.

Our industry does not stand still, and that is reflected in this year’s selections. We’ve added a category – IT Ops – to reflect the industry’s tearing down of the final wall that siloed developers from QA and deployment. We’ve split testing from performance and security, as the latter issues have become front and center in our ever-more interconnected world.

Let us know what you think of this year’s list by joining the conversation on Twitter at #2017sdtimes100.

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