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Third-party dependencies open doors to attack

Remember when you were a teenager, and your parents would go away for the weekend, so you threw a party at your house for a few close friends, and then 500 people you don’t even know showed up? And then you wake up the next morning and realize someone took your mother’s gold necklace? That’s … continue reading

Artifactory hits 4.0

Binary storage just got a little easier. Today, JFrog released version 4.0 of Artifactory, making it the first version to include a new UI design that highlights the platform’s ability to store binaries regardless of where they were built. Baruch Sadogursky, developer advocate at JFrog, said that Artifactory has typically looked and felt like a … continue reading

JFrog takes on enterprise artifact complexity with Docker

Enterprise software development generates a lot of bundles of files, from deployable artifacts to binary blobs. Keeping all of those artifacts straight has long been the task at which JFrog’s Artifactory excels. Now, containers are making it into the mix in a big way. Artifactory has supported Docker containers since September. This binary repository-management solution … continue reading Protection Status