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MongoDB announces new database capabilities to improve developer experience

At an event MongoDB held in London today, the company announced a number of product announcements, including updates to Atlas, a new edge platform, and more.  According to MongoDB, developers’ time is an organization’s “most precious commodity.” Therefore, the company would like to improve the experience around the most common tasks a developer does every … continue reading

GitHub’s Innovation Graph offers ongoing data about software development

The Innovation Graph is a new resource that offers ongoing data about software development in various global economies. It was recently launched with a dedicated webpage and repository.  This resource provides quarterly data on various aspects of software development, including Git activity, developers, organizations, repositories, programming languages, software licenses, topics, and economic collaborations, starting from … continue reading

National Insider Threat Awareness Month (NITAM) focuses on insider threats

National Insider Threat Awareness Month (NITAM) is an annual event taking place in September. First held in 2019, its purpose is to educate both government and industry sectors about the dangers of those threats and the importance of programs to deal with the issue. Insider Threat Programs.  This year, NITAM 2023 focuses on the theme … continue reading

Teradata enables any user to do data analysis with latest generative AI-powered capability

Teradata has introduced a generative AI feature called for VantageCloud Lake. This feature enables authorized users to ask questions about their company’s data and get immediate responses from VantageCloud Lake, a comprehensive cloud analytics and data platform for AI. The introduction of reduces the need for complex coding and querying, resulting in significant … continue reading

Creating software that is private by design is an urgent priority

Concerns about data privacy and protection have become increasingly important in recent years. Some of the world’s strictest ones are GDPR in the European Union, new health data regulations in the U.S., California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Brazil’s General Data Protection Law (LGPD). For example, under the GDPR, companies can face fines of up … continue reading

How to prevent common data quality issues

Data can be an organization’s most valuable tool, but not if your database is full of people named ‘Mickey Mouse’ or has out-of-date addresses.  According to Michael Lee, solution engineer at data verification solution provider Melissa, the most common issues that could be present in your database tend to be the simple ones, such as … continue reading

Asana announces intelligent product capabilities that improve strategic alignment

Asana has introduced new intelligent product capabilities that include executive reporting enhancements, goals standardization, Gantt view, and more, which are made possible by Asana’s Work Graph, according to the company.  New executive reporting offers a quick way to access the current status and gain a comprehensive overview of strategic initiatives. It provides essential metrics such … continue reading

Neo4j Adds Vector Search Capability Within Its Native Graph Database for Richer Generative AI Insights

SAN MATEO, Calif., Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Neo4j®, the world’s leading graph database and analytics company, announced that it has integrated native vector search as part of its core database capabilities. The result enables customers to achieve richer insights from semantic search and generative AI applications, and serve as long-term memory for LLMs, all while reducing hallucinations. … continue reading

Faster Time to Insight for Streaming Data

Data capture provides a better way to make informed decisions, but only when an organization truly taps into the value of that data. We capture data on and around everything, meaning information availability isn’t the issue. The challenges now are: How can we get more value from that data? How can we make sure we’re … continue reading

Apica Acquires Data Fabric Innovator LOGIQ.AI and Raises $10M in New Funding to Modernize Data Management

STOCKHOLM and EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Aug. 16, 2023 – Apica, the leader in synthetic monitoring and observability, today announced its agreement to acquire observability data fabric start-up LOGIQ.AI. Apica also announced it has raised $10M in funding from existing investors Industrifonden, SEB Foundation, and Oxx. With the acquisition and the new financing, Apica plans to continue delivering affordable … continue reading

Google AI can now summarize long-form content

Google announced a few upgrades to its AI-powered Search experience (SGE) to help users “better learn and make sense of information on the web: whether it’s deepening your understanding of complicated concepts, boosting your coding skills or tracking down details within a complex topic,” the company wrote in a blog post.  Google is planning to … continue reading

Redis 7.2 is out with scalable search, Auto Tiering, and more

Redis has announced the latest version of its flagship offering. Redis 7.2 introduces several new features, including scalable search and Auto Tiering.  Scalable search offers a 16x improvement in query throughput by blending sharding with vertical scaling.  Auto Tiering helps developers be more cost-effective with data storage, as heavily used data is kept in memory … continue reading Protection Status