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How Jenkins is building up world of Continuous Integration

Remember CruiseControl? If you do, you were one of the cutting-edge adopters of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Today, however, you’re just another developer with fond memories of the past. Continuous Integration and Deployment are par for the agile course these days, and the growth and penetration of these principles closely mirror the growth of … continue reading

When good open-source projects go bad

Projects that are scooped up by enterprises have to battle the “sellout” stigma … continue reading

New beginnings for Hudson at Eclipse

Under Eclipse’s auspices, Hudson and Jenkins can finally work with the community in an stable and fast-moving track … continue reading

Oracle donates Hudson to Eclipse Foundation

Open-source Foundation will shepherd Hudson, with additional developers being committed by various companies … continue reading

From the Editors: Agile is dead… as a term

Agile has gained enough acceptance so as to not get special consideration in the press; the Hudson/Jenkins fork is good … continue reading

Oracle responds to Hudson/Jenkins fork

Oracle’s Ted Farrell expresses surprise, anger about being left out of decision process surrounding Hudson’s future … continue reading Protection Status