Topic: in memory databases

In-memory technology: Serving up application data to users on the go

Data can be viewed to be as valuable in the digital business world as oil is to the economy. Oil fuels homes, cars, railroads, and even electricity. Data powers the business and revenue. Businesses that want to continue to evolve, transform and improve need are being fueled by their data to tell them where and … continue reading

Guest View: The first release of Apache Arrow

Work on Apache Arrow has been progressing rapidly since its inception earlier this year, and now Arrow is the open-source standard for columnar in-memory execution, enabling fast vectorized data processing and interoperability across the Big Data ecosystem. Background Apache Parquet is now the de facto standard for columnar storage on disk, and building on that … continue reading

Oracle enters in-memory database market

New product offers 32TB of RAM for storing databases in memory while running analytics … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: In-memory databases, Oracle edition

A new in-memory option for Oracle DB12c could make the concept mainstream … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: In-memory databases poised for takeoff

The secret of this less costly, more efficient (under certain circumstances) database type is out … continue reading Protection Status