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Microsoft loses patent challenge

Victory gives i4i right to hold onto its code for handling custom XML while compromising Microsoft’s anti-patent strategy … continue reading

Microsoft aims for top of business intelligence market with SQL Server release

SQL Server now has PowerPivot, a self-service analytics components that works with both transactional and stored data … continue reading

Windows &. NET Watch: Microsoft calling

Windows Phone 7 shows a lot of potential, but can it attract enough attention to overpower its competition? … continue reading

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0

Today’s release adds architecture and testing tools, as well as upgrades to Team Foundation Server … continue reading

‘Midori’ concepts materialize in .NET

F# and Silverlight are leading Microsoft towards a future of concurrency … continue reading

Going ‘all in’ on .NET as default runtime

Programmers for Windows Phone 7 will need to use Silverlight and XNA for development … continue reading

Even with its success, .NET causes some consternation

Despite its popularity, the developer community believes that .NET isn’t being fully served by Microsoft … continue reading

From the Editors: Microsoft’s changing .NET standards

Microsoft’s constant changing of .NET is not good for the industry; the release train method for open-source projects is good … continue reading

Talking with Tim O’Brien on Microsoft’s Platform

The director of Microsoft’s Platform Strategy Group discusses the future of Microsoft’s cloud plans … continue reading

Microsoft exhausts coupons for SUSE Linux

Microsoft will continue paying to support Linux users as they move to SUSE … continue reading

Microsoft taking over controls for Silverlight

Microsoft’s increased investment in proprietary Silverlight is affecting third-party control makers … continue reading

Tool makers rush to keep up with .NET’s evolution

As the .NET framework enters its fourth generation, tool makers are trying to come to grips with its newfound capabilities … continue reading Protection Status