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U.S. Department of Justice announces new disclosure deal with tech companies

Companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo can now disclose NSA data requests, eventually … continue reading

White House to tackle Big Data

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SD Times Blog: An alternative security conference

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Computer security researchers launch boycott of RSA conference

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SD Times Blog: Leaked documents reveal NSA backdoor in Apple software

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The cloud in 2013: Expanding the possibilities

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Eight top tech companies team up to urge reform for government surveillance

Group aims to change policies and practices for monitoring around the world … continue reading

Google speeds up end-to-end encryption to prevent NSA direct fiber taps

Action is designed to cut down on usefulness of direct fiber taps … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Lavabit, Silent Circle, Kim Dotcom and the ongoing saga of encrypted e-mail

Since Snowden revealed PRISM, Lavabit and Silent Circle have shut down amid NSA pressure, and Kim Dotcom joined the party … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, code no evil

How much responsibility do software developers have in making their technology legally—and morally—compliant? … continue reading Protection Status