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Code Watch: The first four habits of highly employable developers

You probably know that to be highly productive you should master your programming language(s), know common data structures and patterns, have a working knowledge of algorithmic analysis, and so forth. But there is more—much more—to being employable, a developer who doesn’t spend any time on the bench, worrying about their future. This may seem like … continue reading

Code Watch: The conference calls

Conferences should be about more than just skill improvement: They should speak to the developer’s soul … continue reading

Guest View: Are your software development practices jumping the shark?

If you want to keep your processes still relevant, its best to pause and consult with your team members … continue reading

The coming devops movement

Development roles and IT operations roles are blending, but is this a game-changer? … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Building high-performance dev teams

Forrester’s Jeffrey Hammond lays out seven tips for getting the most from your development teams … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: Restoring the power of mentoring

Today’s technology mentors aren’t imparting strength and wisdom on tomorrow’s programmers … continue reading

Guest View: The ten best influences on software product engineering

From agile’s growth to social networking, software product engineering underwent a major transformation this past decade … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: What really works

“Making Software” is a book worth checking out, if only to think about how developer productivity is really measured … continue reading

Four ways to increase productivity

Clear plans of attack, increasing code knowledge, reducing rework and reducing debugging are key to productive development … continue reading

Windows & .NET Watch: Unhappy teams are all alike

A variety of problems can face a software team, but all problems stem from overcommitted resources and dwindling time … continue reading

For agile success, leaders must let teams loose

Agile experts emphasize that a good leader directs the team without dominating the members … continue reading

Kurt Bittner’s strategies for software success

SD Times discusses how he directs teams to review development results and set project expectations … continue reading Protection Status