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OpenStack is becoming more cohesive

Time-saving and ease-of-use measures have made it more attractive to enterprises … continue reading

Docker 1.0 released as enterprises support Linux containers

At DockerCon, Red Hat releases Enterprise Linux 7, and a host of new vendors line up to support of movement … continue reading

Red Hat is using Linux support to stifle OpenStack competition

Mirantis is one of Red Hat’s main targets, according to The Wall Street Journal … continue reading

Red Hat to acquire Inktank

Deal allows Red Hat to acquire Inktank’s Ceph storage system … continue reading

Red Hat pushes Linux Containers

This week’s Red Hat Summit shows future of company in the open cloud, but it’s not just about Linux and JBoss anymore … continue reading

Red Hat announces collaboration with Uhuru Software to bring Microsoft .NET apps to OpenShift

The OpenShift.NET project integrates .NET and SQL server capabilities with Red Hat Enterprise Linux … continue reading

Red Hat hires CentOS developers

Move to bring CentOS developers in-house signals that Red Hat’s future is about a lot more than Linux … continue reading

Red Hat and the CentOS Project Join Forces to Speed Open Source Innovation

The CentOS Project and Red Hat to accelerate community adoption and innovation for next-generation open source projects … continue reading

Open source in 2013: Projects continue to sprout

With Hadoop pulling away from everything else, all eyes were on OpenStack, and the competition between Mirantis and Red Hat … continue reading

The cloud in 2013: Expanding the possibilities

Competition meant increased capacity and capabilities … continue reading

Industry Watch: Notes from the road

Sitdowns with LEAD Technologies and Red Hat lead to some ideas on how to build “enlightened enterprises” … continue reading

Red Hat releases OpenShift Enterprise 2

Private platform-as-a-Service addresses DevOps while forming foundation for company’s xPaaS vision … continue reading Protection Status