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Software testing is all about automation

Automation is just like every other technology in that it takes effort to be successful. It’s another strategy that can be incorporated into the software testing life cycle, but issues come from testers figuring out how they can build it into a process and determining what solutions or tools are right for their company. Over … continue reading

Ravello creates shareable environment for development and QA teams

Ravello Systems, a nested virtualization provider, is attempting to break down barriers between development and QA teams by introducing a way to snapshot and share development and test environments. The feature allows developers and testers to snapshot and share multi-tier environments, which means they can find bugs faster and collaborate together, according to Ravello. Software … continue reading

Guest View: Bridging the developer-tester divide

Software testers may at times feel like their efforts are not fully appreciated by project programmers and developers. In some instances, they may even face a great deal of disdain from these parties and be seen as drags on the production process. These conditions can become so far gone that quality assurance teams may feel … continue reading Protection Status