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SD Times Blog: CoreOS talks Rocket science

By now, you’ve heard about Rocket, CoreOS’ new container runtime for Linux. What you may not have gotten from the blog post is the depth to which this will change the container landscape if it becomes successful. Right now, Rocket is the only aspect of this stack that really exists, and it’s just the runtime. … continue reading

All manner of Unixes are finding homes

What has become of the many offshoots of Unix? We take a look at some … continue reading

Whatever happened to Unix?

Despite its growth and importance in mobile development, Unix remains little talked-about … continue reading

Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language, dies

Also worked to bring the Unix operating system to fruition … continue reading

SCO to sell off Unix business assets

Company says that the sale will allow it to continue operating … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: The jury has spoken, but SCO is still here

Hopefully the ruling from the District Court of Utah will spell the end of SCO’s lawsuits … continue reading Protection Status