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Cross-origin resource sharing on track to become a W3C Recommendation

CORS provides a way for Web resources to relax SOP restrictions, according to the W3C … continue reading

From the Editors: Flat will, ultimately, fall flat

Also, the W3C has to make a decision about codecs; and we can all learn a lesson from Apple’s security hole … continue reading

From the Editors: One HTML, under W3C

HTML5’s advancement is good, but it could be being handled better; some predictions for 2013 … continue reading

W3C locks down HTML5 specification

Web technology becomes ‘candidate recommendation’ as working draft of 5.1 is announced … continue reading

Internet-focused standards organizations come together on open standards principles

The push is on for greater understanding and acceptance of these five OpenStand principles … continue reading

MicroXML Community Group forms at W3C

All comers are welcome for those wanting to help the XML subset become a standard … continue reading

MicroXML: The future of XML?

MicroXML has been proposed as a simpler alternative to XML, but is XML sufficiently complex to warrant a new language? … continue reading

W3C changes with the changing Web

Meetings this week will focus on a new strategic direction, and the future convergence of Web and television … continue reading

EXI makes for a smaller, faster XML

New W3C recommendation widens field for exchange of XML data across multiple use cases that didn’t work before … continue reading

W3C shoots for 2014 delivery of HTML5 standard

The keepers of the World Wide Web today issued a “last call” for comment on the new Web platform specification … continue reading

W3C releases mobile development ‘best practices’

Key recommendations included recognizing device limitations and optimizing applications’ response times … continue reading Protection Status