Topic: xml

EXI makes for a smaller, faster XML

New W3C recommendation widens field for exchange of XML data across multiple use cases that didn’t work before … continue reading

Why SharePoint development is so damn special!

Bjorn Furuknap has a few words about the travails associated with getting just the right SharePoint setup … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: XML, Dot-Coms, Microsoft Dominate Headlines

Just as interesting as looking at the year just passed it to look back a decade and see which stories were top of mind then. … continue reading

Altova upgrades MissionKit to handle large XML files

With 64-bit versions of its tools, the upgraded suite is able to handle much larger files, the company says … continue reading

From the Editors: Developers, tools on same agile page

Agile is here, and for once, developers and toolmakers are on the same page; XMI represents a step forward for XML … continue reading

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