Worksoft, a leading global provider of automation software for mission-critical enterprise applications, today unveiled its modern automation platform. The re-architected platform provides state-of-the-art capabilities for automating cloud-based applications and integrates with Worksoft’s partner and third party mobile solutions as well as ALM, defect management software, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and Open Source solutions.

Uniquely designed to support leading enterprise applications including SAP®, Oracle, Salesforce, SuccessFactors, Workday and more, Worksoft’s fifth-generation automation platform provides customers with end-to-end support for the apps and associated business processes that are mission-critical to the business. Built for robust collaboration, the modern platform embraces a diverse ecosystem of service providers, software integrations and machine learning solutions.

“We spent three years completely re-architecting our platform to be more modular and to support the needs of today’s industry leaders with mobile, HTML5 web apps, process discovery, pre-built optimizations and more,” said Shoeb Javed, chief technology officer, Worksoft.  “Our modern agile testing approach and core focus on enterprise applications brings technology, expertise and experience that enables customers to innovate faster, lower technology risk and increase efficiency,” he said.

Customers and partners are benefiting from Worksoft’s evolved, scalable and comprehensive offering that extends beyond testing to provide automation for business process discovery, compliance, documentation, risk analysis and robotic process automation (RPA).

The platform’s re-architecture enables continuous testing to help customers create an application delivery system that is built for change. It also delivers transferable automation – automatically discovered business processes can be leveraged at scale across the business, IT application teams, QA departments, and operations. Leading system integrators and partners are utilizing the modular platform to further expand automation practices, such as providing industry specific prebuilt optimizations, business process content, DevOps platforms for packaged applications and test assets for enterprise apps.

Worksoft integrations with ALM and defect management software include HP ALM, SAP Solution Manager, IBM RQM, JIRA, and ServiceNow. Support for CI/CD tools include Jenkins, Visual Studio and TeamCity. Integration with Open Source tools includes SoapUI and Selenium. Mobile support includes Perfecto and Experitest.