Rise of the Androids

Alex Handy
February 15, 2011 —  (Page 4 of 8)
With that rate of growth, Android is becoming a compelling platform for do-it-yourself developers who rely on Google for all of their coding answers. But enterprises and smaller businesses are also taking notice of the little green robot, and Pattnaik said this interest has come at the expense of the iPhone.

“What I have observed over the last year is that, more and more, small and medium enterprises have started coming into the picture. Universities are coming in too, and that's OK," he said. "But when you talk about a gas station, things have changed. The guy has a number of systems, a number of different gas stations, and he wants an application so each of the applications are talking to one central server. Not many SMBs [small to medium-sized businesses] were keen on creating an application before, but now that the Android SDK is available and you do not have to pay for anything other than development costs and testing, more and more SMB customers are getting interested. I think Android is on the cusp of being something really big."

Enterprising features
While BlackBerry has already won over enterprises, and many corporate execs already have iPhones, Android use in enterprises up to this point has been almost non-existent. Debra Lewis, spokesperson for Verizon Wireless, said that there is a reason for this: concerns about data security on end-user devices.

“Enterprise customers view Android as an exciting option, but one of the key things we hear is that they want to be able to do a remote wipe of company data in case the phone is lost or stolen,” she said. “Phones like the Droid Pro from Motorola or others using Good [for Enterprise] for Android can help accomplish this goal. As for custom applications, we're seeing more companies develop applications and distribute them to employees, but the same concern over data applies here as well.”

So, while the Android platform is easier to deal with from a deployment standpoint, its lack of enterprise security features hampers its ability to be used there.

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