Finding the right tool for the agile job

Victoria Reitano
December 14, 2011 —  (Page 4 of 4)

Rally provides an agile ALM platform, coaching and services. The application life-cycle management platform provides project management, release management, and visibility into the whole team and process through one portal. The tool can also be customized to include testing support and tracking. Rally also offers coaching services to help teams begin the process of adopting agile.

Rommana is a fully integrated application life-cycle management solution that supports both agile and non-agile teams. It allows teams to choose how rigorous their process is and determine what types of formal reporting they require. It has several components, including a requirements manager, testing manager, bug manager, change-management solution, collaboration manager and sprint manager. The tool is methodology- and process-agnostic; all tools and components merely allow teams to manage their process, no matter how it is defined.

Seapine’s application life-cycle management tools include testing tools, configuration management with Surround SCM, test-case management, and requirements management. Additionally, the company offers agile training and assessments to help teams determine what exactly they need to do in order to become an agile development shop.

TechExcel’s tool is based on the Scrum project-management methodology and offers teams an application life-cycle management platform as well where they can manage the requirements, development and testing. The DevSuite ALM, Agile Studio and DevTest Studio products are all built for different use cases around the same theme. The DevSuite includes collaboration wikis, project planning and resource management, tracking, and an integrated test environment.

ThoughtWorks Studios
ThoughtWorks’ tools support adaptive application life-cycle management through three products: Mingle, Go and Twist. Mingle provides a common workspace environment; Go gives real-time visibility and control; and Twist is a collaboration environment that manages the features and requirements. These tools also promote automation, which helps in the testing phase of agile. ThoughtWorks also provides coaching and educational webinars through its website.

The UrbanCode DevOps platform includes a continuous delivery methodology that began when the company was created around the continuous integration server in 2001. Urban Deploy is a release automation tool that helps teams deploy distributed applications into production environments that usually include several different machines. It can also be deployed into an environment made up of different components.  
The VersionOne Agile Management suite includes tools for reporting, product planning, sprint planning, release planning and tracking. Additionally, teams can review past iterations to see what they did and improve in future iterations. The company also offers coaching and services on its website.

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