–     Sekhar Sarukkai, co-founder, chief scientist and VP of engineering, Skyhigh Networks

“At Space-Time Insight we create Industrial Internet of Things solutions to help our customers extend asset life, predict maintenance needs, and optimize logistics and operations. We make extensive use of machine learning and streaming analytics, and CrateDB is particularly well-suited for the geospatial and temporal data we work with, including support for distributed joins. It allows us to write and query sensor data at more than 200,000 rows per second, and query terabytes of data.”

–          Paul Hofmann, CTO, Space-Time Insight

New in CrateDB 1.0
The newest release of CrateDB includes improvements in performance, ease of use, and SQL completeness:

  • Support for outer JOINs and sub-queries
  • Conditional and trigonometric functions
  • Schema and metadata discovery interfaces
  • Faster INSERT performance
  • Read-only nodes
  • Support for the PostgreSQL wire protocol for easier integration

CrateDB is available immediately from Crate.io and is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. For more information, visit: https://crate.io/overview/.

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