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Windows Terminal Preview 1.20 introduces many visual updates for better ease-of-use

Microsoft has unveiled the new preview of Windows Terminal, version 1.20. With the next preview version now available, the company has also updated the stable version to 1.19.  The new preview introduces many new features, one of which is that the Microsoft Store now won’t update Windows Terminal while it’s being used. This enables developers … continue reading

Microsoft introduces Windows Terminal Canary channel with nightly feature updates

Microsoft is introducing a way for developers to get new features in their Windows Terminal installation before they are released.  Windows Terminal is on a quarterly release cycle, meaning that an update is published every three months. To get new features faster, you can now install the Windows Terminal Canary channel. This new channel ships … continue reading

Windows Terminal Preview 1.19 released, Terminal brought up to version 1.18

Microsoft is releasing the preview version of Windows Terminal 1.19, and updating the terminal to version 1.18, adding all the features that were initially promised when it was first announced.  One of the features in Windows Terminal 1.19 is Broadcast Input, which allows developers to broadcast the contents of a terminal pane to all other … continue reading

Microsoft reveals major rework of Windows Community Toolkit in v8.0

Microsoft has announced the release of the latest version of Windows Community Toolkit, which is a collection of functions, controls, and app services that demonstrate common developer tasks for building apps in Windows 10 and 11.  According to the company, this Windows Community Toolkit v8.0 is a complete rework of the toolkit. Previously, there were … continue reading

Microsoft Teams has been redesigned to offer increased speed

Microsoft recently announced the public preview of the new Microsoft Teams App for Windows in order to deliver up to two times faster performance while only using half of the memory. The user experience has been improved so that it is easier to locate everything in one place. The company stated that these enhancements also … continue reading

Windows Terminal preview 1.17 adds ability to customize dropdown menu

Fans of Windows Terminal now have a new preview release to enjoy. Windows Terminal is a terminal application that offers features like multiple tabs, panes, Unicode support, and custom themes.  The Windows Terminal preview is now at version 1.17 and Windows Terminal has been updated to version 1.16.  As a reminder, new features in 1.16 … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Support for Flutter on Windows now available; Python in VS Code February 2022 release; Apache weekly update

The team at Google recently announced the first production release of Flutter support for Windows as an app target. This comes as an expansion to Flutter, the cross-platform UI development kit, enabling Windows developers to experience the same productivity benefits as mobile developers.  With this, Flutter has been tailored specifically for Windows applications, combining a … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Windows Terminal Preview 1.13 available; Google Workspace Essentials now available as a no-cost solution; Skuid acquires InFlight

Microsoft recently announced that the first preview release of Windows Terminal of 2022 is here. Interested users can install Windows Terminal and Windows Terminal Preview from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub repository. With this release, the minimum supported version of Windows 10 for Windows Terminal 1.13+ is now 19041 (20H1). The new features … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Windows App SDK

Last year at Microsoft Build, Microsoft announced its vision for Project Reunion, a set of libraries for building apps that work across different Windows 10 versions and devices.  That project has since been rebranded as Windows App SDK, but the core vision remains the same.  Developers can use Windows App SDK to create apps that … continue reading

SD Times news digest: AWS Panorama generally available; Windows Terminal Preview 1.12; IBM commits to upskilling 30 million people for technical roles by 2030

Amazon recently announced that AWS Panorama Appliance is now generally available. The AWS Panorama Appliance is a computer vision appliance designed to be deployed on the user’s specific network in order to analyze images provided by an on-premises camera. AWS Panorama works as a machine learning appliance and software development kit (SDK) that enables developers … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Parasoft releases SOAtest 2021.2, Windows Package Manager 1.1, Python 3.10 now available

Parasoft announced the 2021.2 release of Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize, CTP, and DTP. API testing components of the Parasoft Continuous Quality Platform will be available on October 12, 2021 and will work to empower teams to overcome software quality challenges and achieve continuous delivery at speed. This release shifts security testing into developer workflows, spanning the … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Julia Computing Series A, Windows Terminal preview 1.10 released, Kdan Mobile raises $16 million in Series B funding

Julia Computing raised $24 million in a Series A fundraising round and stated it will use the funding to further develop and advance its secure, high-performance JuliaHub cloud platform. JuliaHub makes it easy to develop, deploy and scale Julia programs and is a platform for other applications such as JuliaSim for multi-physics simulation, JuliaSPICE for … continue reading

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