In keeping with industry trends, such as the ones predicted by Scott Plewes, Black Duck has named open-source projects connected with social-media, gaming and cloud platform-as-a-service projects to its fourth annual Open Source Rookies of the Year list.

The 10 projects on the rookies list, which only considers projects started last year, were selected using data from and the Black Duck KnowledgeBase. The projects were awarded points based commit activity, size and the number of inbound links to the project.

The projects are Boostrap, BrowserID, Canvas, CloudFoundry, Moai, Mooege, OpenShift, Orion, and Salt.

Peter Vescuso, Black Duck’s executive vice president of marketing and business development, said that biggest trend this year is that GitHub is the leading hosting service for these projects, with 28 of the projects in the top 50 rookies list—and nine of the top 10—on the site. In 2010, just four of the top 10 projects and 16 of the top 50 were on GitHub, according to Black Duck.

The three most popular languages used by the top 50 are JavaScript (28%), Java (14%) and Ruby (12%). While only new projects are selected for the list each year, a portion of OpenStack projects also appeared on the list last year.

“This list is reflective of the level of innovation going on in the open-source world. Anyone can participate in any of the projects listed,” Vescuso said.

Additionally, he added that it is interesting to see that, for the past four years, projects from the Apache Software Foundation and the Mozilla Project have made it to the top 10 list, which means those communities continue to grow and succeed.

If you’re curious about the newest and almost-newest projects to be recognized as top rookies by Black Duck, SD Times presents you with a comprehensive look at the past three years’ winners—including 2011’s—over the next few pages.

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