Leveraging React and GraphQL to Create a Performant, Scalable Data Grid

Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Time: 1:00PM ET / 10:00AM PT User interfaces often utilize components such as grids and tables to help users browse and understand data. Today’s large data sets require sophisticated capabilities to ensure users can effectively comprehend data while remaining flexible and responsive. Building this functionality is time consuming, has integration … continue reading

Build, Buy or Both: Investing in Analytics that Last

Recorded event: For some companies, building analytics themselves is the right decision. For others, buying from a third party makes the most sense. The equation seems simple. If you have a development staff then you should build yourself but if you need to get to market buying a solution might make more sense. What we’ve … continue reading

Beyond the Phoenix Project

RECORDED EVENT: Learn from noted industry leaders Gene Kim and John Willis from the DevOps world as they have a candid conversation about a collaborative project called “Beyond the Phoenix Project.” Moderated by SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein, this lively exchange will also include a question-and-answer session to give attendees the chance to speak directly … continue reading

How IBM and Mapbox Put Open Data and Real-Time Recommendations On the Map

Recorded Webinar: In this webinar, we will walk through the collaboration between IBM and Mapbox to build a demo that helps SXSW attendees decide where to go around Austin, using real-time social data feeds. The demo uses Watson Conversation to understand a user’s interests, then creates a personalized list with directions to the top experiences (based … continue reading

Essential: A Comprehensive Application Security Toolkit

  Recorded webinar: With 84% of cybersecurity attacks targeting the application layer, without effective tools to find and fix application security vulnerabilities your organization is at risk. With so many AppSec tools to pick from – Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST), Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST), Open Source Security Vulnerability Management – understanding and selecting … continue reading

The State of Open Source Security

Open Source software is the foundation for application development today and its use is growing rapidly worldwide because of the development cost reductions and innovation it enables. Black Duck discovers open source in every application it analyzes and finds finds that 35% of the average commercial software application is open source. Home-grown applications typically contain … continue reading

Black Duck Container Security MasterClass – Security Response Process

Container usage in production environments is becoming commonplace, increasing the need to design for security and develop security response processes. Doing so starts with a clear understanding of what software is running in the datacenter. This Container Security Master Class looks at how datacenter operations trends are combining to promote secure container deployments. Although these … continue reading

Build vs. Buy Data Quality – Insight for a Data Steward

  Recorded Webinar: Data is complex. There are abbreviations, non-English words, companies entered into the name field, and parsing problems when domain values are blank. Hand-coded rules will always introduce problems to the data steward and require extensive debugging. Data Quality firms leverage thousands of customers to distill specific quality solutions and enable companies to … continue reading

Turbo Charge Web Application Performance

  RECORDED WEBINAR: Organizations are increasingly being asked to deliver sophisticated, data-intensive web applications faster than ever. Application users are demanding high performance and a great user experience across the desktop, tablet and smartphone. Learn about the latest advancements in web application technology designed to improve performance and help application users make more informed decisions … continue reading

Modern infrastructure with NoSQL and containers

  RECORDED WEBINAR: The best way to deploy and scale a NoSQL database is with elastic infrastructure, with containers being one of the most efficient platforms – deployed on-premise or in the cloud. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how development and operations teams can benefit from running NoSQL databases on containers, as well as the … continue reading

Welcome to the Intelligent Testing Revolution!

RECORDED WEBINAR: Whether for holiday readiness, specific events, or general performance, many organizations struggle to create accurate testing plans. Why? Because they lack visibility into exactly how their customers behave. This webinar will explore the details of how test plans are typically created and how they can be drastically enhanced — and even automated — … continue reading

Extending the value of Mobile Java apps

In this hands-on webcast we’ll explore strategies for JAVA and JEE developers, of all skill levels, on extending your once cutting edge but already legacy apps with compelling cloud and mobile front-end experiences. An approach to architecting apps and legacy JEE systems into microservices, forming a core mobile backend will be shown. Aspects of designing … continue reading

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