State of Software Composition 2017

An increasingly large amount of all software today consists of third-party code, either purchased or licensed consumer off-the-shelf (COTS) software or free open source software (FOSS). Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is a testing process that breaks down the individual components, the ingredients of any software, producing a Bill of Materials (BoM) that shows what vulnerabilities … continue reading

State of Fuzzing 2017

Fuzz testing is an excellent way to locate vulnerabilities in software. The premise is to deliver intentionally malformed input to target software and detect failure. In fact, Synopsys used its own fuzz testing technology to discover the infamous Heartbleed vulnerability OpenSSL, which had gone unidentified for more than two years and impacted more than 500,000 … continue reading

The Myth of Perfect MISRA Compliance

Understanding MISRA checkers and their limits One of the principles learned during the development of the MISRA guidelines has been the primary importance of being able to enforce rules with static analysis tools. It has been amply demonstrated, that without the ability to implement automatic enforcement, coding rules are of marginal value. The market for … continue reading

Get the Most From Your Software Development Testing Budget

For many organizations, the planning and budgeting process for the next fiscal year is well underway. During this process, it is common to have concerns about where and how much to invest while wishing you had more money. Even though we can’t give you more money we can share Gartner’s research report Five Tips for … continue reading

Nine Steps to Choosing The Right Coding Standard

Selecting the right coding standard is an essential building block for safe and secure coding How to Choose the Right Coding Standard for You? While superficially many coding standards and automatic analysis tools may look similar, they can be quite different when it comes to the more detailed tasks they can perform. Coding standards are … continue reading

Introducing Security Champions to the DevSecOps Life Cycle 

How can you inject security into Agile development? Enlist developers, of course. Developers are familiar with their organization’s software and their organization’s development groups. They also have a deep understanding of the technical issues and challenges that the organization faces. That’s why you should recruit your developers as Security Champions. Learn more by downloading this … continue reading

Automating Coding Standards

Reducing Software Development Cost and Risk with Static Analysis A well-defined coding standard can be an important factor in producing good quality code. Yet adopting and enforcing a standard often poses substantial challenges for software teams. In this white paper, we’ll discuss how the adoption of a highly effective coding standard, such as MISRA, helps … continue reading

The Developer’s Guide to Software Integrity

For development teams, software quality has never been optional. In recent years, developers have also been under increasing pressure to address software security concerns. Only when security is treated with the same importance as quality can your software’s integrity drive a proactive strategy, rather than a reactive response. If software doesn’t function as advertised—if it … continue reading

Performance Testing and APM in the AWS Cloud

As cloud computing technologies evolve, so have APM and performance testing methodologies, providing testing environments that are more realistic, provisioned, and scaled on demand. Today, leading services like AWS allow your enterprise to develop, test, and launch your apps with more confidence than ever, with APM integration. Download this eBook and learn: The cloud’s impact … continue reading

What .NET Developers Need to Know About Azure

The cloud solution you choose can have a substantial impact on your .NET development life cycle. Make sure you’re informed on what Microsoft Azure has to offer .NET developers, including recent innovations. In this eBook you’ll learn about: Differences between Azure and other cloud solutions How using Azure impacts your .NET development life cycle Powerful … continue reading

IDC: Critical Application and Business KPIs for Successful Cloud Migration

Migrating current workloads to the cloud is a top priority for many companies. But navigating issues like security, compliance, and performance continues to be a challenge. IDC surveyed 600 global enterprise decision makers to understand their migration strategy, KPIs for success, and the information they used to make informed decisions before, during, and post-migration. The … continue reading

10 Tips for Enterprise Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is a critical step for an enterprise to achieve digital transformation. But migrating presents many challenges including minimizing downtime, staying within budget, and managing performance. Before you begin your migration project, download this ebook where you’ll learn: How to manage costs How to weigh your application’s technical factors How to maintain a consistent … continue reading

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