Getting Started with Robotic Information Capture

The amount of data being generated, collected, stored, filtered, queried, analyzed and understood is growing exponentially. Overwhelmed, firms now have opportunities to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) with these massive data stockpiles, and other untapped resources to build relevant contextual information from large data sets and images on-demand. But the big questions is, how do we … continue reading

10 Rules for Creating a Mobile Look and Feel

Mobile is all the rage these days. Having a world of knowledge in our pockets has become a commodity, and we’ve grown accustomed to certain standards. Developers need to understand how to meet the lofty expectations of a world where something like 60 frames per second can be the difference between a huge success or … continue reading

Low-Code Platforms: Everything You Need to Know

Low-code platforms are helping organizations address their digital transformation and application development needs with a comprehensive set of functionality, including application change and lifecycle management. Business logic and workflow modeling and the definition of data models and integration components are visual, although all can be extended with custom code. The low-code term has become very … continue reading

API Monitoring: A Primer

APIs power today’s connected digital world, extending the functionality of web applications and driving automation. While they improve extensibility and innovation, API’s can also hurt your end-user’s experience if integrations are not available or functioning properly, so API monitoring has become critical to protecting performance. This primer includes an introduction to modern API functionality and … continue reading

IT and business management roles in cybersecurity

Cybercrime is more lucrative, popular, and damaging than ever. Yet IT and business management may not be in agreement on how to combat threats. Learn how IT and business management can work together to improve cybersecurity, by agreeing on shared goals, improving communication, and supporting continuous learning. Download the white paper now! … continue reading

Demystifying SDN for the Network Engineer

Software-defined networking (SDN) can be a big change for network engineers, as it introduces a greater level of automation to networks. But this change can benefit your organization, through improved efficiency, accuracy, simplicity, and power. Get the full picture—download the “Demystifying SDN for the Network Engineer” white paper now. … continue reading

2017 Cybersecurity Roadmap

It’s a fact: as systems and devices become more connected, cyber thieves are becoming more sophisticated at penetrating networks, compromising privacy, and stealing data. Learn more about these significant challenges, and how your organization can be better prepared to respond to them. Download this valuable white paper now. … continue reading

Low-Code Mobile Basics

If you’ve never heard of low-code before, you’re not alone. Quite a few native mobile developers haven’t. Low-code platforms are essentially drag-and-drop IDEs. They’re designed to help developers breeze past a ton of boilerplate work and focus on the meat of their web products. OutSystems is a low-code platform that speeds up and simplifies not … continue reading

Beyond Bug Tracking with JIRA

Atlassian’s JIRA is a fine tool for managing issues and lightweight projects, but in a complex product development process, JIRA becomes less efficient. Communication issues between development and other stakeholders increase — along with risk. This paper examines the options JIRA users have when bug tracking alone isn’t enough. The discussion includes expanding JIRA’s functionality … continue reading

VisionMobile – State of the Developer Nation Q1 2017

Software dominates the world. But how well does the world know the people who develop it? For example, did you know that 51% of developers have less than 6 years of experience? And, yet, the kind of complex software most organizations are building requires about 15 years of experience. When you know this kind of … continue reading

Don’t Confuse Low-Code with No-Code

As the low-code and no-code approaches to application development explode in the marketplace, confusion surrounds these terms. The analysts don’t really agree on how no-code and low-code differ, with Gartner even downplaying the use of either term. As a result, enterprise buyers are left scratching their heads, as the low-code and no-code terminology remains remarkably … continue reading

5 Rules to follow (and 1 to break) to “lift and shift’ enterprise apps to the cloud

Organizations considering moving enterprise applications to the public cloud should ensure that they also move the application delivery services their applications rely on in the data center. In addition, cloud migration presents an opportunity to organize and rationalize security and access, gain visibility into cloud-based application traffic, and architect a strong disaster recovery plan. Among … continue reading

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