The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Application Security

Application-layer attacks are growing much more rapidly than infrastructure attacks. Yet many organizations remain hesitant to create an application security program, believing it will require excessive time and resources. The reality is that any organization, of any size, can and should develop an applications security program. Download the Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With Application … continue reading


Veracode Secure Development Survey

As development teams face new challenges from every direction in the software development lifecycle, including the growing focus on application security, it’s important to understand how development teams are responding to this changing environment and what it means for AppSec today and in the future. Read the survey results here for more on what developers … continue reading


Bug Bounty Programs – Not a Quick Fix

As the need for improved detection and vulnerability awareness become more urgent, it’s imperative to take all security measures before software and applications are released. However, in a recent survey, 83% of respondents admitted they released code before it was tested or resolving issues for bugs. In addition, the much-hyped “bug bounty” programs – rewarding … continue reading


The Ultimate Guide to Comparing Embedded Analytics Solutions

Companies interested in driving their business by offering analytics spend a lot of time researching and evaluating embedded BI solutions. Is it better to build or buy? What are the different cost factors? What differentiates the many OEM vendors? Get the answers when you download this guide. … continue reading


Static Code Analysis: A Buyer’s Guide

With the rise of the Internet of Things, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure the security, reliability, and safety of software. Static code analysis can eliminate bugs earlier on and improve performance, but static code analysis tools also have limitations. How can you select the right static code analysis solution to deliver reliable, safe, … continue reading


Developing Secure Embedded Software

Quality Doesn’t Equal Security Most organizations put considerable focus on software quality, but software security is different. Embedded development presents the challenge of coding in a language that’s inherently insecure; and quality assurance does little to ensure security. Learn about: Why commonly used approaches to security typically fail How quality assurance fails to prevent the … continue reading


Power Up GridGain for Extreme OLTP Workloads with Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is a popular NoSQL database that does certain things incredibly well. It can be always available, with multi-datacenter replication. It is also scalable and lets users keep their data anywhere. However, Cassandra is lacking in a few key areas – particularly speed. Because it stores data on disk, Cassandra is not fast enough … continue reading


2017 State of SaaS Performance

SaaS is experiencing a boom in popularity as companies increasingly rely upon it to deliver apps and IT services, but this growth is accompanied by a rise in expectations for availability and performance. Companies leveraging SaaS are demanding improved uptime and responsiveness to deploy their mission-critical, strategic enterprise apps in the cloud. This custom report … continue reading


Fitting Static Code Analysis into Continuous Integration

One of the hottest topics in DevOps is Continuous Integration (CI), a software development practice where members of a team integrate their new code frequently — perhaps multiple times per day. Each integration kicks off an automated build and test process to expose any defects and report status as quickly as possible. To play its … continue reading


A Best Practices Guide to Mainframe DevOps

DevOps is, at its foundation, a cultural approach to delivering applications and services in a way that values time and contributions throughout the delivery chain. An increase in release frequency requires tight alignment and collaboration between line of business, development, testing and IT operations teams. So, if DevOps is about building interdepartmental bridges, how can … continue reading


Best Practices for Mobile Performance Testing

Mobile performance is critical to the user experience, which is the heart of a mobile application. As you draw up mobile-app plans – and specifically define your testing strategies – it’s important to remember that mobile users aren’t connected users. Their experiences with your applications will inherently be different – and their impact on your … continue reading


24 Best Practices to Cure Your Website’s Performance Pains

No matter how interesting, beautiful, or cleverly interactive your web pages are, if they take more than two or three seconds to render, whether on a desktop or a mobile device, your visitors will become restless. There are a number of best practices you can implement in order to improve both the real and perceived … continue reading

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