Creating a Customer-Centric Ecosystem

To keep and retain customers in today’s digital world, a phenomenal experience is the starting point. Without that, your customers will simply go elsewhere. Creating that experience, though, places big demands on various IT teams, which opt to use the tools that will make them most productive. This leads to silos, which works against creating … continue reading

voke Impact Note: A Focus on Parasoft Virtualize FREE Community Edition

Service virtualization allows teams to expediently get what they need when they need it: augmenting software testing, achieving functional and non-functional requirements (including security) while meeting time-to-market demands, and ultimately protecting the brand and the business. Without service virtualization, customers are expected to be the testers – is this an acceptable business risk? Deliver better … continue reading

How to Optimize Your Development Lifecycle by Combining Agile and DevOps

In the debate over agile vs. DevOps, why choose? Taking a hybrid approach to your development lifecycle can have enormous benefits, including faster releases and fewer bugs. Learn how to combine the best elements of agile and DevOps methodologies to optimize every release. In this eBook, you will discover: 4 steps to integrating agile with … continue reading

A New Paradigm for Cloud: Architecting Control & Resilience at Scale with Fugue

When migrating to the cloud, the architecture needs to be flexible enough to adapt to rapid, ongoing change but characterized by a sustainable core design and by time-tested cloud principles. Directed at cloud architecting concerns, this paper covers streamlining complexity at scale, knowing infrastructure state, and using easily repeatable patterns that bolster security, compliance, and … continue reading

High Performing DevOps: Insights and Tips

Companies with DevOps practices are faster, more reliable and are 2x more likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals.  But how to you enable high performance?  What can you do right now to start? Find out from DevOps experts including Gene Kim, co-author of The DevOps Handbook, The Phoenix Project, and the Dynatrace … continue reading

How Good is Good Enough to Ship?

QA Strategies for Great Software Whatever Your Growth Stage The challenge for a software company is figuring out how much QA is needed to meet customer expectations, without wasting resources that could be directed to more pressing problems. The answer depends on who your customers are, who your competitors are and where your business is … continue reading

Netezza to Hadoop with Cask

Netezza is a data warehouse that enables organization to store massive amounts of data for analysis and business insight. However, it is expensive, and doesn’t have capabilities required to handle a variety of data types. Hadoop provides inexpensive scaling of data, but doesn’t offer enterprise ETL functionality enterprises require. The Cask Data Applicaton Platform gives … continue reading

NoSQL Database Evaluation Guide

While every company has its own specific set of requirements for the NoSQL database technology that best fits its use case(s), there’s a core set of requirements that figure into most evaluations. Those requirements fall into eight categories: Data Access, Performance, Scalability, Availability, Multiple Data Centers, Big Data Integration, Administration, and Mobile. This paper delves … continue reading

From Controlled Chaos to Differentiation: Why you need to integrate your software lifecycle

Organizations today are in chaos as many different teams use many different tools from many different vendors and find that few – if any – play nice and work together. Many don’t realize this is a problem and see no reason to establish a software lifecycle integration strategy, but the nightmare is lying in wait … continue reading

The Buy vs. Build Decision in Software Lifecycle Integration

If your organization is suffering as a result of a fractured unintegrated software and deliver tool chain, then this white paper is for you. Weighing up the pros and cons of investing in a software development lifecycle solution versus building your own solution, this white paper: Clarifies the key things to consider when exploring the … continue reading

How to Build (and Scale) with Microservices

Microservices are a type of software architecture where large applications are made up of small, self-contained units working together through APIs that are not dependent on a specific language. Each service has a limited scope, concentrates on a particular task and is highly independent. This setup allows IT managers and developers to build systems in … continue reading

The Ultimate DevOps Toolkit

What exactly makes up a DevOps culture? DevOps is about continuous delivery while maintaining quality, and it is only possible if the right tools are chosen to support relevant people and processes. This means that it is essential for the tools and applications used to develop, test, deploy, monitor, and manage applications all work seamlessly … continue reading

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