Like many of my friends and colleagues, I’ve got two smartphones. One of them is an Apple iPhone 4. Oooh. The other is an HTC EVO running Android. Aaah.

Both of those smartphones are great to use (though it’s sometimes disconcerting when switching between them). Each is stuffed full of different native functionality and third-party applications that add to my productivity and are also fun to use.

But, like you, I’m not merely a consumer of smartphone technology. My 9-to-5 responsibilities include software development, IT management and business strategy. The Android and iOS ecosystems represent significant opportunities and unique challenges in each of those areas.

That’s where our iPhone/iPad DevCon and AnDevCon conferences come in. We’ve created those events to offer you and your colleagues the best independent education available about those platforms.

AnDevCon—The Android Developer Conference—is coming to San Francisco on March 7-9, 2011.

iPhone/iPad DevCon is a month later on the other side of the country. Please join us in Boston on April 4-6, 2011.

Whether you’re building applications, deploying iOS or Android devices, or managing mobile systems, these conferences are for you.

The workshops, classes and speakers for AnDevCon are already posted. Go check them out! We’re still finalizing the program for iPhone/iPad DevCon and will put the session descriptions online soon.

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