“InterSystems provides advanced software technologies for breakthrough applications,” says Joseph DeSantis, vice president of software development. “Our Ensemble product is a seamless platform for integration and the creation, deployment and management of service-oriented applications. Our customers use Ensemble to integrate applications, leverage previous software investments through composite applications, and establish an enterprise service bus or SOA infrastructure.” InterSystems has been recognized in the 2010 SD Times 100 as a leader in SOA and Middleware.

Ensemble can be used in virtually any development environment. It is a single, architecturally consistent technology stack, including an integration server, data server, application server and portal development software. DeSantis says Ensemble projects are typically completed in half the time required with previous generations of integration products.

Ensemble provides a rich feature set that enables you to easily include adaptable workflow, browser-based user interfaces, dashboards, business activity monitoring, and rules-based business processes in your applications, without rewriting code. Its easy-to-use graphical development environment significantly decreases the time-to-solution for even the most complex integration and development projects, while reducing management overhead.

Ensemble includes the InterSystems Caché object database that is used in enterprises worldwide for Web application development, high-performance transaction processing and real-time queries against transactional data. Having Caché at its core enables Ensemble to deliver message persistence and reliable and rapid FIFO-guaranteed messaging, ensure data integrity, and guarantee that vital information is promptly available throughout integrated systems.

“Caché and Ensemble deliver the high-performance and massive scalability that are critical to successful implementations of enterprise-wide, highly visible, run-the-business transactional applications,” DeSantis says.

The company’s product line also includes the InterSystems HealthShare platform, for creating electronic health records for regional or national health information exchange, as well as DeepSee, for embedding real-time business intelligence capabilities in transactional applications. Learn more at www.intersystems.com.