Many development organizations make use of application life-cycle management solutions because they can help them focus on product design, project planning, development and testing by providing a collaborative environment. In the area of ALM, few companies offer the quality of TechExcel’s suite of products for integrated development, IT service and customer support. That’s why TechExcel was named to the 2010 SD Times 100, the newspaper’s list of leaders and innovators in the field of software development.

“TechExcel’s products share the same consistent workflow engine, look and feel, and scalable architecture that today’s most demanding development teams rely on,” says Tieren Zhou, Ph.D., TechExcel’s Founder, CEO and Chief Software Architect. “Eight of the 10 largest gaming companies in the world are standardized on DevSuite for their development and quality management processes.”

TechExcel’s DevSuite is a complete ALM solution covering requirements management, project planning, implementation tracking, task and defect tracking, and QA testing. It provides a single unified platform for both agile and traditional development, and requirement traceability from concept through specification, planning, implementation, testing and release.

DevSuite consists of four bundled and fully integrated solutions: DevSpec for requirements management, DevPlan for development project planning that’s better than Microsoft Project, DevTrack for implementation and defect tracking, and DevTest, for QA test management. Together, DevPlan and DevTrack are called Agile Studio, offering a platform for balanced agile development; DevTrack and DevTest are called DevTest Studio, a solution for complete quality management.

All four tools in DevSuite are tightly integrated and capable of managing every aspect of the development life cycle.

Agile Studio provides a framework for practicing hybrid agile development to manage both agile and traditional processes. Agile Studio treats agile best practice modules as building blocks to allow you to mix agile methods with traditional methods.
DevTest Studio excels in offering complete quality management. From test case creation, planning and execution through defect submission and resolution, DevTest Studio tracks and manages the complete quality life cycle.

TechExcel also offers optional add-ons for DevSuite, covering knowledge and digital asset management, collaboration and time management, plus integration with popular SCM packages and automated test tools.

“DevSuite provides a set of fully integrated and knowledge-centric ALM solutions for today’s enterprise organizations,” Zhou says. Learn more at