Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announces the release of Prizm Content Connect v7, the zero-footprint, thin client document viewer. Version 7 limits the risks of malicious software hidden in document files, boosts productivity by keeping users focused in a single application, and helps companies reduce software costs all by enabling employees to view, convert, and collaborate on more than 300 file types from within a single, secure program.

Users of the Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint document viewer will enjoy simplified, automated installation in version 7, plus easy configuration through a new interface that complements SharePoint’s existing security tools. Version 7 adds annotation rights to its digital rights management (DRM) features, and expands support for multi-server environments. SharePoint administrators get a handy new Web Part for fast troubleshooting, plus new web-based installation and configuration guides.

Version 7 empowers viewer users to zoom in on both text and scalable images – such as CAD drawings and Microsoft Office files – without seeing any loss in clarity. Users of prior versions will also notice marked improvements in the appearance of Office documents viewed through version 7.

Although Prizm Content Connect v7 requires only a simple server-side installation to deliver its benefits, developers will enjoy the wide range of REST API options exposed in the Prizm Content Connect platform that facilitate advanced integration into their applications. Easy integration is only one of the reasons for the growing popularity of Accusoft’s Partner Program, through which the company helps integrators build, sell, deploy and support solutions based on the Prizm platform.

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