Rally, a leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for managing Agile software development, today announces support for v2.5 of the Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe™), new product features, and transformation services to help organizations achieve business agility.
“Rally was the first SAFe Gold Partner providing both products and services for scaling Agile,” said Dean Leffingwell, creator of the Scaled Agile Framework. “Rally’s Agile ALM platform provides a complete solution for organizations to connect top-down strategic planning to business-value delivery.”
Rally offers end-to-end support for the new SAFe release v2.5, an online knowledge base of proven practices for scaling Agile development across the enterprise. This model of Agile adoption provides a framework for extending Agile and Lean principles to reap the benefits of Agile at strategic program and portfolio levels. Rally’s Agile ALM platform supports SAFe v2.5, including addition of the Business Owner role and Portfolio Value Streams, with role-specific dashboards and portfolio-level Kanban boards.
“Rally was founded to help organizations transform how they develop software at enterprise scale,” said Rally’s Founder and CTO Ryan Martens. “We were the first platform to provide Agile Portfolio Management capabilities that link strategy to execution, and have been ardent SAFe supporters since its inception. We continue to enhance our SAFe support and have added the ability to schedule features directly into PSIs (Potentially Shippable Increments) and report on their progress at the team, feature and program levels.”
Rally’s latest release provides a visual cue to alert program and product managers to potential misalignments between their plans and the status of their existing work. There is no need to run a separate report or to navigate through multiple screens – the new ‘Planning Alignment Indicator’ provides immediate feedback as to whether a Feature is targeted to be completed in the planned timeframe. If not, with a single click, you can change your planned end-date or reschedule stories into subsequent releases or iterations, ensuring that stakeholders, program managers and team members are aligned as business conditions change.
As Scaled Agile Inc.’s largest Gold Partner,  Rally’s in-house SAFe Program Consultants and partners deliver transformation services globally to help organizations scale Agile from the team to program to the enterprise level.  A new Leading SAFe course provides organizational leaders the understanding of how the Lean, Agile and SAFe practices can improve productivity, employee engagement, time to market, and quality.