TechExcel Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, today announced the release of DevSuite 10.1.  This latest release of the award-winning ALM platform enables developers and project stakeholders to better communicate and collaborate throughout the entire development lifecycle, resulting in faster delivery of higher quality products.

“Large scale development projects frequently get delayed or go over budget due to the lack of effective communication and collaboration amongst project stakeholders and distributed development teams,” says Jason Hammon, Director of Product Management at TechExcel. “DevSuite makes it easy for everyone involved in planning, development and testing processes to work together, in real-time, to deliver quality products that are bug free and include the most current features and functionality required.”

Project stakeholders are often only involved at the beginning and end of a software project and, in most environments, Development and QA teams are globally distributed.  These self-organizing teams typically utilize different tools to communicate and collaborate within their siloed environments.  This creates debilitating bottlenecks that cost organizations both time and money.

DevSuite provides an integrated architecture that promotes cross-functional teamwork and ensures everyone is working together and shares the same final target – delivering a high-quality product that satisfies the necessary requirements. Users can easily attach documents and add comments that speeds problem resolution and encourages idea sharing.  With real-time communication and collaboration; as well as, drag-and-drop document sharing and commenting, DevSuite eliminates common bottleneck problems and improves team efficiency and productivity for rapid delivery of high-quality products.

DevSuite consists of DevSpec, DevTrack, DevTest and KnowledgeWise, TechExcel’s solution-wide repository for collaboration, information sharing, knowledge management, and process/work item tracking.  Available in hosted or on-premise deployment models, DevSuite is offered as an integrated suite of PPM and ALM solution for enterprises looking for powerful and flexible platforms for their project management and product development needs.