Android Q is getting new security features that include encryption, platform hardening and authentication.

In the Q release, the company is launching Adiantum, designed to run efficiently without cryptographic acceleration hardware, and to work across everything from smart watches to internet-connected medical devices. Now, all compatible Android devices newly launching with Android Q are required to encrypt user data.

Also, Android expanded the BiometricPrompt API to support additional use-cases, including both implicit and explicit authentication.

Android uses a strategy of defense-in-depth to ensure that individual implementation bugs are insufficient for bypassing our security systems. The features can be viewed in more detail here.

The Data Literacy Project announces community forum
The Data Literacy Project announced the launch of its online community forum in which individuals, organizations and industry leaders can share ideas about fueling data literacy.

Thought leaders can also provide third-party strategic counsel to make data literacy an imperative, create a global data literacy educational resource ecosystem, and empower educational institutions to teaching data literacy.

“As the Data Literacy Project’s community continues to grow, we’re excited to provide a space that will foster constructive conversations and allow us to spread our message on the importance of data to individuals around the world,” said Jordan Morrow, chair of the Data Literacy Project Advisory Board and Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik.

CentOS releases status update on OS rebuild
CentOS released a status report that shows the progress of the CentOS rebuild. It is based on a much newer version of Fedora than previous versions.

The kernel that it is based on, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, has been changed drastically, requiring massive overhaul of CentOS.

Based on the released timeline, the sources were pushed to CentOS Git, New Build System Setup is finished, and Artwork has been requested.

The processes for source code evaluation, debranding patches, artwork selections and Build Loop 0 are ongoing. The timeline still needs to pass through two more build loops and installer, QA, RC and release work.