Fivetran announced the Metadata API for creating data governance automations and data quality workflows. Fivetran’s Metadata API can track data in-flight as it moves through Fivetran-managed pipelines.

“Every enterprise knows it must be data-driven, but traditional data governance has been a barrier with manual processes and reactive enforcement of policies. That’s not a scalable approach, especially as data infrastructure grows to thousands of pipelines,” said Fraser Harris, the vice president of product at Fivetran. “With Metadata API, our customers get out-of-the box data governance automations and data quality workflows so they can proactively identify and take action on governance issues before they become a problem. Our automated in-flight approach enables data access at scale without increasing risk to the business.”

With the API, data analysts will be able to see where their data is coming from and can then run impact analyses on it. Meanwhile, data stewards will know that all the data they are working with has been handled securely and is compliant with governance requirements. 

The API is currently offered through four Fivetran partners: Atlan,, Alation and Collibra. The combined benefits include the ability to consolidate data into a single data catalog and also gain end-to-end data lineage graphs for data, centralized governance, and the ability to source trace data at a column level back to its origin.

Additional details on the new API are available here.