TransNational Payments, an industry-leading payments technology company, launches a new payment API named Pi, which stands for perfect integration. TransNational Payments’ Pi APi is designed for easy implementation and out-of-the-box payment processing, specifically designed with developers and software vendors in mind.

“There’s no limit to what we can offer with our Pi APi. We can even go as far as offering DDoS mitigation, if necessary,” states John Pitzaferro, CEO TransNational Payments. The Pi APi is a 100% cloud-based solution. Leveraging the power and efficiency of the Pi APi, software applications can process card-present EMV electronic payments in real-time — receiving payment authorizations within 2 to 3 seconds and e-commerce transactions processing under five-hundredths of a second.

“Our Pi APi was developed using JSON, which we believe makes it unique and more agile since it’s natively spoken by all web browsers and JavaScript engines, meaning any web browser or web-based technology can speak directly to the gateway,” states Mark London, EVP TransNational Payments.

This is the first JSON API integration with a Simple Quick Chip EMV Solution included in a single integration — both for countertop and mobile. “Business owners and software vendors were put in a tough position when the EMV liability shift came into play, unfortunately card networks didn’t fully understand the aftermath from an integrator perspective. Business owners were expected to adhere to these new rules and now weren’t protected if there was a dispute if they did not dip the card versus swipe the card. It has become extremely difficult for developers to make the transition from card swipe to chip methods, the technical labyrinth you have to navigate takes extensive coding hours and a structural renegotiation, this has been a huge point of frustration,” said Jae Haas, President at TransNational Payments.

Pi is the first gateway that is JSON-based with a machine-learning AI fraud platform. Built with a business-centric approach, Pi uses machine-learning algorithms to prevent and detect suspicious processing activity. With fraud being so common today, this smart fraud management is sure to transform the payments industry.

With Pi, all terminal transactions are stored in the gateway, including full receipts with signatures. Counter-top and mobile devices do not need to navigate around a firewall, also simplifying the setup process for developers and retailers. Other solutions have drastically underestimated the difficulty in connecting devices to the internet due to disparate LAN settings client by client but leveraging the Pi APi completely alleviates these issues.

Software vendors and developers can learn more about the Pi APi by visiting