KANSAS CITY, MO, Oct 6th 2014, – Stackify, the developer of an innovative cloud-based application monitoring, performance and troubleshooting platform for developers and operations, has released its next generation Error and Log Management (SmartELM) solution – unifying two product categories and expediting time to resolution. Stackify’s SmartELM solution provides the first of its kind integrated error tracking and logging management solution that allows application developers and DevOps teams to easily discover application issues and fix them before their customers are affected. The product is part of a unified platform that simplifies application monitoring and support.

Having access to complete error and log data in a timely manner is critical in troubleshooting software problems. Collecting that information has been a tedious task, requiring developers to choose tools that either tracked errors or ones that aggregate logs, or manually accessed log files from multiple servers.

Stackify SmartELM transforms this market by bringing several very unique capabilities:

● Context – the product provides developers with the information about everything that happened before, during and after an error was generated, providing them with a complete picture and making it easier to reproduce and resolve the issue.

● Error-aware logs – the product not only brings log statements to a central location for all apps and environments, but the solution is error-aware and allows developers to easily identify and investigate errors.

● Proactivity – with this product developers can immediately identify which application or environment is generating errors as they are trending, so failures will not go unnoticed, and fixed before it affect the business

● Application performance monitoring integration – the solution is fully integrated with the company’s monitoring solution. Providing an elaborated set of tools for application support in one platform.

“With Stackify’s integrated error and log management solution, software developers and operations managers can finally get all the information they need to easily find and fix application issues, removing the need for specialized products that only give partial information making it hard to find the root cause of an issue” said Matt Watson CEO and founder of Stackify. “Stackify understands developers’ needs and we’ve optimized our state-of-the-art technology to provide them with a tool that is simple to use yet very powerful by giving them immediate actionable information.”

Stackify SmartELM is part of Stackify’s all-in-one comprehensive solution that provides application developers, operations and support teams with the tools they need to support today’s complex web applications. The product can work as a stand-alone solution or in combination with the company’s monitoring solution providing a complete view of application health and improving application support, shortening time to resolution thereby improving their users’ experience. The solution is cross-platform and works both on all Windows servers as well as all major Linux distributions.