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DBOS announces FaaS platform DBOS Cloud and $8.5 million in seed funding

DBOS announced that it has raised $8.5 million in seed funding, and released its first product offering. The funding was led by Engine Ventures and Construct Capital, along with Sinewave, and GutBrain Ventures. DBOS (database oriented operating system) runs operating system services on top of high-performance distributed databases, creating a scalable, fault-tolerant, and cyber-resilient foundation … continue reading

Report: APIs are the biggest form of internet traffic and biggest attack vector

In a recent surge within the digital sphere, APIs have eclipsed other forms of internet traffic, becoming a pivotal component of our online world. The 2023 API Security and Management Report indicates that APIs now account for more than half (57%) of the dynamic internet traffic processed by Cloudflare in the past year.  Yet, this … continue reading

Atlassian adds AI capabilities across Jira, Confluence, and more

Atlassian announced that the first wave of Atlassian Intelligence capabilities is generally available across its cloud platform. “Our mission at Atlassian is to unleash the potential of every team. We believe the future of teamwork will be a partnership between humans and artificial intelligence (AI), wherever work gets done,” the company wrote in a blog … continue reading

JFrog introduces native integrations with developer tools at KubeCon

JFrog, a company that powers organizations to build, distribute, and automate software updates to the edge, has introduced native integrations with developer tools like Atlassian, Datadog, and Splunk at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023 Chicago. The company also enhanced its own platform to support secure application development in the cloud.  With the growing shift … continue reading

Immuta launches new tool to help with maintaining accurate metadata

Immuta unveiled a new product called Immuta Discover which automates the tagging and classification of data on cloud platforms, helping data teams maintain accurate metadata.  According to Immuta, having accurate metadata is important for data access control, monitoring, and regulatory compliance. Immuta Discover identifies structured data in cloud platforms and can use metadata from popular … continue reading

Pulumi releases secrets management solution

Pulumi has launched a new product called Pulumi ESC, aimed at simplifying the management of secrets and configuration in cloud infrastructure and applications.  It addresses the challenges of handling secrets and configuration at scale across various cloud environments. Pulumi ESC allows teams to gather secrets and configurations from multiple sources, and organize them into hierarchical … continue reading

Revefi launches new AI-driven co-pilot for data teams

Revefi has introduced the Revefi Data Operations Cloud, a zero-touch platform designed to oversee data quality, performance, and expenses.  This innovative platform acts as a co-pilot for data teams, ensuring reliable, timely, and cost-effective data management in cloud data warehouses. It ultimately enables organizations to utilize data for crucial business decisions and leads to substantial … continue reading

Palo Alto Networks announces CI/CD security features

Palo Alto Networks unveiled its CI/CD Security module which aims to offer comprehensive software delivery pipeline security integrated into code-to-cloud capabilities within Prisma Cloud’s CNAPP platform.  Prisma Cloud focuses on safeguarding the CI/CD environment and effectively shielding against potential open-source vulnerabilities using software composition analysis, according to the company in a blog post.  “A major … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Winglang

Winglang is a unified programming model that merges infrastructure and application code within a single programming language. It can be compiled into Terraform/IaC and JavaScript, allowing for versatile usage. In Winglang, infrastructure resources hold a prominent position, being treated as first-class citizens. One of the notable features of Winglang is its ability to automatically generate … continue reading

GitHub merge queue now available

GitHub’s merge queue aims to end congestion on a team’s most active branches. According to the company, by enabling merge queue, the need to hurry and merge pull requests before others do is no longer a concern. This feature is now generally available and is accessible to any team that is part of a managed … continue reading

Atlassian adds new security capabilities in Jira Software Cloud

The newly announced Security in Jira for Jira Software Cloud is aimed at helping organizations prioritize security more effectively by providing software teams with visibility into the security issues that need to be resolved. In collaboration with partners like Snyk, Mend, Lacework, Stackhawk, and JFrog, Atlassian is  equipping teams with the means to tackle security … continue reading

Red Hat Service Interconnect facilitates communication between multiple platforms and clouds

Red Hat Service Interconnect, which can simplify application connectivity and security across platforms, clusters, and clouds, is now generally available after being announced at Red Hat Summit. The solution is based on the open-source project, which enables secure communication across Kubernetes clusters with no VPNs or special firewall rules. According to Red Hat, application … continue reading

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