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premium The cloud security triptych

I’ve previously written about the “Three T’s” of shifting security left: training, tools, and teamwork. In this blog, we’re going to delve down a level and look at some of the tools needed to shift left, what they do, and where in the software lifecycle they belong. The lifecycle question is important to think about … continue reading

Google introduces Cloud AI Platform Pipelines

Google launched the beta of Cloud AI Platform Pipelines, which combines repeatable machine learning pipelines along with monitoring, auditing, version tracking, and reproducibility. It aims to deliver an enterprise-ready, easy to install, secure execution environment for ML workflows. AI Platform Pipelines were created because machine learning workflows can involve many steps with dependencies on each … continue reading

Atlassian brings no-code automation to Jira Cloud

Jira Cloud is the latest solution to offer no-code capabilities to its users. Atlassian has announced no-code automation is now available natively in Jira Cloud. “Even the most inspiring initiatives can get bogged down in the monotony of everyday tasks, like manually assigning work or sending passive-aggressive reminders to update a status. It’s everyone’s fantasy … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Sonatype’s enhanced JavaScript capabilities, Mendix expands cloud deployment options, and General Assembly launches CODE for Good

Sonatype announced its plan overhaul JavaScript scanning by providing new npm automated pull requests and more free developer tools.  The enhanced suite of JavaScript intelligence capabilities will provide developers with improved accuracy, increased policy control, and faster remediation of open source vulnerabilities, according to the company.  “The exponential growth in use of npm packages shows … continue reading

premium What does it take to commit to 100% open source?

Open source is arguably the most successful approach to developing and distributing business-critical infrastructure software. By removing all barriers to entry and giving developers absolute freedom, open source allows organizations to take software and implement it across their businesses in a truly seamless and customizable way. This can then lead to exponential adoption growth, which … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Stackery-native provisioned concurrency support, NGINX Controller 3.0, and Algorithmia’s expanded source code management support

Stackery announced provisioned concurrency support within Lambda management tools to help businesses with the issue of Cold Starts in serverless platforms.  Previous solutions to the problem required rewriting the functions into languages with less start time, sending ‘warm up’ requests to Lambda before big traffic spikes, and giving more resources to Lambdas.  “These tedious homebrew … continue reading

SD Times news digest: OpenAPI Specification 3.0.3, Apache Samza 1.3.1, and Racket 7.6

The release of the OpenAPI Specification 3.0.3 brings patches and changes to improve the readability and accuracy of the specification.  Changes include clarification on how Path Templating works, as well as clarifying the meaning of Semantic Versioning, changing hyperlinks from ‘http’ to ‘https,’ and other clarifications.  The full details are available here. Apache Samza 1.3.1 … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Couchbase Cloud, DeepCode releases plugin for Atom, and Android in phase 2 of DX deprecation

Couchbase is introducing Couchbase Cloud, a fully managed DBaaS that combines a NoSQL database with multicloud management capabilities  According to the company, it enables companies to host their data within their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPS) and pay for only what they use.  “Working closely with our enterprise customers over the past two years, we’ve … continue reading

SD Times news digest: ArrangoML Pipeline Cloud, Hyperledger Fabric 2.0, and Pandas 1.0

ArangoDB has announced a new machine learning offering. The ArangoML Pipeline Cloud is a fully-hosted, fully-managed common metadata layer for production-grade data science and ML platforms that runs on ArangoDB Oasis.  “ArangoML Pipeline Cloud meets the needs of both data scientists, who are concerned with the quality of the data, feature training, and model results, … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Apache Guacamole 1.1, Ktor web framework gets a new update, and IBM’s Cloud Annotations project

Apache Guacamole 1.1 has been announced. Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. The latest release includes two subprojects, the HTML5 web application which serves the Guacamole client to users, and “guacamole-server”, the remote desktop proxy which the web application communicates with.  The 1.1.0 release also features support for dynamic image quality and for … continue reading

Report: Widely dispersed data in the cloud is putting companies at risk

More than half of companies that use cloud services have suffered from a data breach, according to a new report. The report finds that the data breaches are a result of widely dispersed in the cloud that are beyond enterprise control.  The Enterprise Supernova: The Data Dispersion Cloud Adoption and Risk Report was conducted by … continue reading

Report: GCP catches up to AWS benchmarks

Google Cloud Platform has caught up to AWS benchmarks this year, after AWS outperformed it on benchmarks by 40% in last year’s report, according to CockroachDB Labs’ 2020 Cloud Report.  The results came from more than 1,000 benchmark tests conducted by Cockroach Labs on things such as CPU, network throughput, network latency, storage read performance, … continue reading

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