Atlassian announced that the first wave of Atlassian Intelligence capabilities is generally available across its cloud platform. “Our mission at Atlassian is to unleash the potential of every team. We believe the future of teamwork will be a partnership between humans and artificial intelligence (AI), wherever work gets done,” the company wrote in a blog post

Building upon two decades of insights gained from millions of software, IT, and business teams, Atlassian announced in April its plans to integrate AI into teamwork experiences, showcasing the synergy between humans and AI.

The initial Atlassian Intelligence capabilities enhance individual productivity and tap into organizational data for immediate insights, simplifying data-driven decision-making. 

By leveraging AI, team members can draft business-critical content, automate routine tasks using natural language, summarize extensive content, and access context-specific help, fostering an environment where everyone can excel in their work with speed and efficiency, Atlassian explained.

For example, generative AI can now be used to instantly create user stories in Jira Software tickets and alter the tone of customer responses in Jira Service Management, and Confluence now offers AI-powered summaries and natural language automation.

Also in Confluence, the beta version of Q&A search enhances search results, allowing users to ask questions about project status, workflows, policies, or processes. The beta version of Q&A search in Compass streamlines information retrieval across microservices, systems, and teams by enabling users to ask questions in natural language about their technology stack, obtaining specific answers about components and deployments.

Atlassian Intelligence also enables teams to glean actionable insights from organizational data. Natural language interfaces can be used to write complex queries, providing flexible question-and-answer experiences across an organization’s knowledge base.

In addition, features like natural language to JQL and SQL, also available today, empower users to find issues and dependencies and access robust insights in Atlassian Analytics beyond data science teams.

According to Atlassian, the continual evolution of Atlassian Intelligence reflects its commitment to creating a future where humans and AI collaborate seamlessly to drive productivity and innovation in teamwork.

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