After releasing five popular open-source technologies, HashiCorp is tying them all together with Atlas—a commercial DevOps and application-delivery product for developing, deploying, and maintaining applications on any infrastructure.

Described in HashiCorp’s news release as an AWS-style application delivery SaaS for any public or private data center, Atlas unifies the company’s open-source projects (Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul and Terraform) in a single dashboard and workflow. Through Atlas, both open-source users and enterprises can manage servers, containers, virtual machines, configuration management and more on any system. For every application, developers or operators define the IDE, the deployment description and the code artifact.

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HashiCorp’s CEO Mitchell Hashimoto sees Atlas as a way for enterprises to keep up with the curve of unifying new DevOps tools within an organization. A company that sees promise in what a new tool is offering but is already invested in other tools, he explained, can experiment with new tools without compromising its workflow.

“Atlas is really the universal answer to application delivery and DevOps in general,” said Hashimoto. “It’s the idea that you can work at the workflow level on these high-level problems of development, building, deployment and scaling. The goal…since back [when] we started our open-source projects was really to make deployment and application delivery something that companies just do, and don’t have to dedicate resources to figuring out how to do.”

As with Vagrant and HashiCorp’s other open-source projects, Atlas is technology-agnostic. For DevOps teams, this means they can configure and deploy an application on cloud platforms such as AWS, CoreOS Rocket, DigitalOcean, Docker, Google’s Compute Engine, Heroku, OpenStack, VMware or a combination of platforms.

“Most organizations we talk to today just have a mix of everything,” Hashimoto said. “I’ve never talked to a single company greater than maybe five people that have just one homogenous set of technologies. Typically there’s maybe some Chef, maybe some Puppet, maybe some Docker, maybe just some pure AWS. It’s a mix, so we’re trying to solve it at that layer.”

The release of Atlas is a milestone for HashiCorp. Along with Atlas, the company today announced US$10 million in Series A funding, which according to Hashimoto will be used to commercialize Atlas while continuing to support its open-source projects.