Atlassian is bringing DevOps workflows to scale with the release of Bitbucket Server 5.4 and Bamboo 6.2. Bitbucket is the company’s Git code management solution while Bamboo is for integration and release management.

“Implementing DevOps practices in large or highly regulated organizations is a balancing act. How do you make your development and operations teams as productive as possible, improve the flow of work moving throughout the system and maintain the scale and security required?” the company wrote in its blog. “From improving your flow and developer productivity to providing the scale to run continuous integration across an entire organization, Bitbucket and Bamboo have you covered.”

According to the company, DevOps helps shorten release time, reduce development risks and optimizes for flow. To build on those principles further, the company is adding Bamboo Specs for Bitbucket Server, Bamboo Smart Mirroring support and Webhook support in Bitbucket Server.

Bamboo Specs, the company’s configuration as code feature, enables developers to make changes quickly and in bulk. The new implementation in Bitbucket Server provides the ability to store spec files in Bitbucket Server repositories. This helps users make changes, save time, and benefit from code reviews, version tracking and rollbacks.

Smart Mirroring helps distributed teams save time with the ability to clone geographically located repositories. Bamboo smart mirror support now adds this ability to builds. “Even with co-located infrastructure some customers see the use of smart mirrors as an appealing way to spread out the effect of spikes of activity from armies of build agents,” the company wrote.

New webhooks support enables users to integrate third party tools easily to their DevOps toolchain.

In addition, to help translate DevOps techniques at scale, the company is adding Bamboo project level permissions, GVFS support in Bitbucket Server and the ability to support greater scale with new options for artifact handlers and agent bootstrapping proxies in Bamboo 6.2.

“As DevOps practices become the new normal, the importance of well connected version control and continuous integration is clear – they’re vital to implementing modern development workflows. Bitbucket Server and Bamboo provide the flexibility, control and scale needed to do just that,” the company wrote.