The top 7 advanced features of Cypress to know about

Cypress is by far the fastest growing cross-browser, front-end developer friendly test automation framework. It is an MIT-licensed open-source project, backed both by a strong community and by a commercial company that provides additional optional services. Cypress development is happening quickly, aiming to close some of the painful gaps in the cross-browser testing space. Cypress … continue reading

What user and market data tell us about the challenges of test coverage today

I am frequently asked this question: “On what devices and browsers should I be testing my mobile and web applications?” It’s a very valid question, because the volume of permutations is vast, and it gets bigger and more fragmented all the time. In 2020 alone we are seeing several major OS platforms debut. These introduce … continue reading

Guest View: How to develop for the post-Apple Watch era

While the reviews of the Apple Watch are a bit mixed at this point, one thing is clear: Smartwatches are going mainstream. Apple has never failed to disrupt a market as they enter it—from the digital music player to the laptop to the smartphone—and nothing less should be expected for wearables. No, the Apple Watch … continue reading Protection Status