Planning for SPTechCon Boston

Five ways to get the most out of the conference, coming in July … continue reading

Getting SharePoint kickoff meetings right

The SharePoint kickoff meeting sets the tone for the rest of the implementation … continue reading

Defining SharePoint taxonomy for work management success

It’s important to get a solid taxonomy in order to fulfill business objectives in SharePoint … continue reading

Five cool things you probably didn’t know SharePoint could do

From social Web Parts to working offline, SharePoint has more ways of getting things done than meets the eye … continue reading

Getting SharePoint adopted requires a plan

Making a SharePoint plan requires a solid goal and pushing everyone on the team toward realizing it … continue reading

How to get the most from SPTechCon

From attending talks to meeting with speakers, there are many ways to take advantage of the conference … continue reading

Writing the right requirements — Part III

Getting your requirements in understandable and actionable statements is a critical step toward implementation … continue reading

Writing the right requirements — Part II

In this installment, Eric Riz explains how to get the most input from everyone involved in the SharePoint deployment … continue reading

Writing the right requirements — Part I

In order to define the right requirements, one must first obtain the proper frame of reference from team members … continue reading

The mid-project assessment

Slowing down partway through a project to take stock of what has been accomplished helps you to better meet your goals … continue reading

SharePoint faces outward for websites

Eric Riz offers a deeper dive into the surprisingly good website-building capabilities in SharePoint … continue reading

Next steps for SharePoint and Office 365

Part of that future is in better controls over social media … continue reading

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