Code Watch: Architecture’s Big Ball of Mud

Tips (and handy reading material) for dealing with this messy situation … continue reading

Code Watch: Welcome to the Panopticon

Google Glasses make even more apparent the amount of time each day that we’re being recorded—and watched … continue reading

Code Watch: Design patterns stand the test of time

Despite the growing wave of criticism against them, design patterns are still useful today … continue reading

Code Watch: Avoiding the beginner’s reef

Experienced program managers must be careful not to be blindsided by the problems of novices working with them … continue reading

Code Watch: Risky languages

Developers love certain languages, but project leaders can’t let that decide which language to use … continue reading

Code Watch: What would Map do?

The limitations of Map/Reduce drive some introspection on object-oriented programming … continue reading

Code Watch: Map/Reduce, turn by turn

There’s a best way to do Map/Reduce; here’s a quick primer and suggested reading … continue reading

Code Watch: The static typing example

An observatory finds out the advantages and disadvantages of this type system … continue reading

Code Watch: Two years with Scala

Thanks to Scala’s convenience, soon every mainstream language will be a “functional programming” language … continue reading

Code Watch: A software developer’s Bill of Rights

Pursuing quality, defining estimates, clear definitions and time for recharges are all things developers deserve … continue reading

C11/C++11: Building blocks for the future

C gets a standardized memory model, while C++ is now “easier to teach and learn” … continue reading

Code Watch: Opening inspirations

An important trait for developers is to know their limits, and to create great programs based on those expectations … continue reading

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