Code in the fast lane: Why secure developers can ship at warp speed

Skills verification has been a facet of our lives for most of the modern era, granting us validity and opening doors that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Driving, for example, is an important rite of passage for most, and we’re expected to pass a set of standardized assessments to confirm that we can be trusted with … continue reading

The Open Source Software Security Mobilization Plan: A new hope for developer-driven security

Those who know me understand that I try to find some positivity in every moment. However, it has to be said that the past few years of escalating cybersecurity incidents have made it quite difficult to find the silver lining.  Just glancing at some of the data-driven insights into our growing predicament reveals something of … continue reading

From COBOL to Go: Why we must support legacy security training and beyond

It seems almost comical that in 2019, we should be talking about working with a computer language that was invented in 1959. There aren’t too many seminars or conventions these days devoted to the art of rethreading classic Singer sewing machines, or swapping out the oil pan on a Chevrolet Parkwood or a Triumph Herald. … continue reading Protection Status