Fitbit SDK now available

Following the release of the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, Fitbit has released their software development kit hoping to develop a community of developers and apps for wearers of their fitness-based smartwatches.

The SDK is now available as a developer preview and includes the Fitbit OS Developer Beta Firmware and the Fitbit Studio IDE. Developers will be able to share their apps with other users directly or submit them for review and inclusion in the FitBit App Gallery.

Taskware gets Flow integration

Workflow management API Taskware has been updated with Flow, the integration Platform-as-a-Service, allowing Taskware’s calls for human tasks to be included in Flow’s automation process.

In the announcement, Taskware outlined use cases such as calls to transcribe an audio or video file for closed captioning, translating websites and blog entries and republishing the text triggered by simply publishing the text to a site.
“It’s clear that the integration of human executable tasks in any workflow through applications by companies of all sizes is growing exponentially,” Mark Oden, general manager at Taskware, said in the announcement. “We’re constantly seeing new uses of Taskware’s API calls by our customers; the integration with Flow makes it even easier for businesses to use that don’t have extensive developer resources.”

Splunk announces updates of AI driven IT operations utilities

Machine learning and IT operations specialists Splunk announced version 3.0 of Splunk IT Service Intelligence, version 7.0 of Splunk Enterprise, version 4.0 of Splunk User Behavior Analytics and updates to the Splunk cloud, which expand the machine learning capabilities of their product line.

“Our seamlessly integrated capabilities open up machine learning to everyone, enabling our customers to better predict future outcomes and more effectively analyze their data,” said Richard Campione, chief product officer, Splunk. “Data is a strategic advantage and organizations are looking for the fastest, most efficient way to turn data into answers. With machine learning and metrics advancements that anyone can use, Splunk Enterprise 7.0 and Splunk Cloud powerfully deliver mission-critical answers faster and easier than ever before.”

Splunk Enterprise 7.0 is available now, while Splunk ITSI 3.0 and UBA 4.0 coming next month.