Mike O’Rourke Chief of R&D at Digital.ai:

Digital.ai Release provides release orchestration capabilities that enable organizations to achieve continuous delivery. Teams across an organization can automate and monitor the stages of the most complex software deliveries, cutting release times by identifying bottlenecks and improving processes. Digital.ai Release provides the backbone for release automation by integrating existing tools, providing end-to-end governance and provable compliance, and by enabling full visibility across the entire software delivery process.

Digital.ai Release allows organizations to:

  • Orchestrate, execute and monitor the most complex release pipelines
  • Automate manual release processes, improving team efficiency while increasing reliability
  • Gain insight into everything that happens in each release, showing the who, what, where and when of each software change
  • View real-time release status from a centralized dashboards and reports for both technical and business users
  • Identify and resolve software delivery bottlenecks
  • Manage all manual and automated tasks across the release pipeline
  • Easily integrate with existing DevOps tools