Software developers are still a long way from deploying Hadoop distributions en masse in enterprise organizations.

In a recent poll, SD Times asked developers to indicate what stage they’re currently at in the Hadoop deployment process. Forty percent of the 131 respondents answered that the Big Data elephant in the room is still hiding under their desk, i.e. they’re piloting projects on their own but their organizations have yet to plan implementation or officially adopt Hadoop technology.

The other 60% of respondents, however, are further along in the deployment process. 16% of developers are already deploying Hadoop in production, 15% have deployed it in the lab and 11% are already “in the black” seeing ROI on their Hadoop distributions. Rounding out the poll, 10% of respondents said Hadoop projects are currently in development, and 9% responded that money is currently in the budget to begin the Hadoop work.

Take a look at a more detailed breakdown of the poll results below:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 12.15.19 PM