#1: You Might Not Need jQuery
jQuery is great for building applications, but when developing libraries, it can sometimes be a crutch. The folks at HubSpot devised a test of sorts breaking down the AJAX, JSON, effects, events and utility code needed to perform various functions using different versions of Internet Explorer and other modern browsers.

#2: Hackathon-starter was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects.

#3: Nightwatch
A UI automated testing framework based on Node.js and Selenium WebDriver. Created by Andrei Rusu, Nightwatch writes efficient and straightforward JavaScript end-to-end tests in Node.js that run against a Selenium server. The simple syntax enables you to write using only JavaScript and CSS selectors without initializing other objects and classes.

#4: Bolts
According to Bolts Framework, Bolts is a collection of low-level libraries designed to make developing mobile apps easier. Initially designed by Parse and Facebook for internal use, it’s been open-sourced as the Bolts Framework for Java, Android and iOS. The main “tasks” component makes organizing complex asynchronous code more manageable.

#5: TextQL
Developed by Paul Bergeron, TextQL allows for easy execution of SQL code against structured text like CSV or TSV. In contrast to SQLite, TextQL supports quotes, escaped characters and delimiters, and it accepts the Stdln class.