#1: Swift in Chinese
If you didn’t realize GitHub had a big East Asian presence, this is your wake-up call. Translated by numbbbbb and the Chinese community at Swiftist, this project is the official Chinese version of the Apple tutorial, “The Swift Programming Language.”

#2: Card was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending projects.

#3: Swift Cheat Sheet
Apple’s new Objective-C-based programming language is certainly the flavor of the week. This brief guide to using the new language, compiled by Grant Timmerman, is just another example. The guide runs down the basics, arrays, dictionaries, closures, classes and more for the Swift neophyte masses itching to take the language for a spin.

#4: Bounce.js
This Scandinavian import from Swedish developer firm Tictail is a JavaScript tool for generating CSS3 keyframe animations. Play around with the (for lack of a better word) bouncy demo. The developers also promise a JavaScript library for generating dynamic animations is on its way.

#5: FlappySwift
Look at that, another Swift-based project cracking the Top 5 this week. The folks at Fullstack.io decided to code an implementation of Flappy Bird in Swift for iOS 8. So for those of you who needed another Flappy Bird clone, you’re in luck, because Swift is taking GitHub by storm.