Branch Metrics, a mobile deep linking company focusing on contextual app growth and discovery, has partnered with customer referral platform provider Referral SaaSquatch on a combined deep linking experience for mobile app developers.

The partnership integrates Referral SaaSquatch’s framework, referral infrastructure and JavaScript widget with Branch Metrics’ deep linking ‘branch links,’ or the shareable referral links attributing app-to-app referrals to specific users to track customer experience. Branch links uses ‘contextual deep linking’ to pass data through app stores for personalized onboarding and new user conversion without broken link pathways.

“We’re excited to partner with Referral SaaSquatch because they complement our contextual deep linking tech with high-quality referral program analytics and a full cross-platform offering, said Mike Molinet, co-founder of Branch Metrics, in a news release.

URX introduces ‘Buy’ buttons for apps
Mobile deep linking company URX announced an enhancement to its SDK allowing developers to create a ‘Buy’ button within their mobile applications without any coding.

The updated URX Android and iOS SDKs lets developers create in-app buttons tied to actions in other apps, such as buying a concert ticket in SeatGeek or booking a car in Lyft, without coding a deep link or a user interface. The ‘Buy’ button consists of drag-and-drop development functionality within the URX framework along with custom object fields including action type, domain filter and near filter along with text queries to specify targeted app pathways.

More information about ‘Buy’ buttons is available in a URX blog post.