To help connect distributed development teams and to support DevOps, enterprise cloud development and agile ALM solution provider CollabNet recently announced two separate partnerships. The first is with emotive, a mobile development platform provider, while the other (announced today) is with UC4 Software, an IT process automation solution provider.

CollabNet and emotive partnered up in late October to provide emotive Connect for TeamForge (TeamForge2Go), a free mobile app that promises to help connect developers to CollabNet’s TeamForge platform through their mobile devices and tablets.

“Today’s developers are under increasing pressure to deliver software faster, and to be connected at all times to teams and projects in order to meet the quickening pace of enterprise IT,” said Bill Portelli, CEO of CollabNet. “The emotive mobile app brings the core essence of TeamForge to a developer community that makes up an increasingly mobilized workforce.”

The new app supports CollabNet’s strategy to bring the collaborative benefits of cloud development and mobile IT to the enterprise, the companies said. “Increasingly, distributed development organizations require new forms of collaboration among teams, projects and people, and mobile devices are driving completely new methods for interaction,” said John Hubinger, CEO of emotive. “The CollabNet mobile app is designed for the developer community and uses native device features to augment traditional processes, simplify data entry, and enrich the user’s experience.”

CollabNet and UC4 Software today announced their partnership to jointly develop an end-to-end DevOps platform that they said will provide automation, scalability and governance that enterprises need to bring development and IT operations closer together.

“This partnership supports our mutual goals of driving agility and collaboration across the entire IT organization as we now offer a single, common platform that manages all aspects of emerging DevOps and Continuous Delivery initiatives,” said Jason Liu, CEO of UC4 Software.

“We are thrilled to see the powerful characteristics that make TeamForge the leading choice for managing large-scale development programs extend deeper into IT operations,” said Portelli. “DevOps is following a similar adoption and maturity model as agile development and cloud computing did a few years ago. Combined with UC4, we are bringing to market a platform that significantly evolves modern software development and deployment.”

For CollabNet, the company said a key component of this combined solution embeds UC4’s Application Release Automation functionality within CollabNet’s TeamForge Agile ALM platform, introducing a new deployment automation offering called CollabNet Deploy with UC4 to its customers and prospects.